The team has developed a huge amount of SEO services and tools to help webmasters and optimizers to manage and develop their sites. The most important is our

What does the SEO Audit Service provide? What data is provided? What will you gain? And how much does it cost?

SEO audit slideshow

SEO analysis service checks for and provides a huge amount of data and characteristics of the site, over a hundred graphs, as well as several hundred different parameters, some of which include:

SEO audit tool and scripts, used by the page.
Service can disclose about 60 CMSes and more than 100 different scripts

Recently, we introduced a new parameter: .

Here's our classification, depending on the percentage:
. Excellent.

. Good.

. Perhaps it's OK, but pay attention to the outgoing links.

. Attention - maybe a lot of outgoing links.

. Bad - a lot of outgoing links.

. Very bad - too many outgoing links.

I would like to draw your attention to the detailed analysis of all possible ratings. In addition to the general ratings, you'll receive exclusive data developed by our team.

- Estimated site value
- TrustRank
- Real PageRank
- Google PageRank
- Yandex CY and Rang

SEO audit service considers only the current characteristics of the resource. It does not consider effort (financial and moral) expended, personnel, budget, offices and other real estate, stock market activity (e.g. for Google and Yahoo), the subject of the site or your personal capacity, etc.

For each rating, we have developed widgets that you can place on your site. As an example, below are informers for the current site:

 value  Trust  Real PR  Alexa/PageRank  TIC/PageRank  is a Trust Directory member

You can get informers either on the audit page or on the special widgets page

Widgets are

Based on the generated audits, we developed various ratings and TOPs. Here are some of them:
New sites, TOP by site value, TOP by TrustRank, Top by Real PageRank

You can save the audit report as a

that you read carefully the SEO audit service presentation